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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Runes and Their Meanings

This week I'm going to share two different forms of Runes, and their meanings, to help in the selection of runes for the rune stone necklaces and rings I make and sell. This posting shows both Anglo Saxon Runes and the Elder Futhark runes - I have both sets available to make my hand stamped runic jewelry, some examples of which are shown below.

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The first photo below shows Anglo Sazon Runes and their meanings. The second photo shows the English alphabet equivalents of Elder Futhark runes, and the third photo shows the meanings of the Elder Futhark Runes. The Anglo and Elder runes are pretty similar, but the stamps I have are slightly different in their styles - with Anglo being more rounded and Elder being more sharp. I hope these charts help you decide which rune will be best for you.

You can click on the photos to make them larger.

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Elder Futhark Alphabet

Elder Futhark Meanings