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Friday, March 21, 2014

Fonts for personalization of my handmade fine silver charms

I have several font choices for personalization of my handmade fine silver charms. Here are some examples of the fonts possible.

To see examples of my handmade charms, click here:
Handmade fine silver charms

The following fonts (pictured below) come in three sizes, so its easy to find the right size for the charm to be personalized...

I also have these fonts available, in a size that will work on most charms:

I have these whimsical letters, usually used in the case when only a single letter is needed:

I also have these "Tiny Carnival Letters" by Hero Arts, for when one or two initials is desired in a whimsical font:

Finally I have these straight forward letters, often used when longer words or phrases are needed:

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